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Job FunctionAdmin
Reference NumberMWS/67
Advertisedone year ago
Experience Required1 to 3 years
Minimum QualificationDegree
Job description

1. Develop High Performing Teams

a. Manage a team of programme coordinators, case management executives, volunteer management executives, wellness coach and support staff

b. Develop and review staff competency and manpower efficiency

c. Provide general supervision to the SAC staff.

2. Service Planning, Implementation and Evaluation:

a. Plan, implement and evaluate active ageing programmes and community outreach work that focus on building individual elderly’s self-help capacity and communities that support ageing in place.

b. Develop standard operating procedures for needs assessment, community outreach and appropriate interventions at the Senior Activity Centre level, including escalation protocols, service linkage and follow-up.

c. Evaluate service and programme outcomes and recommend areas of improvement.

3. Strategic Local Partnerships

a. Manage relationship with service providers and grassroots organizations in each SAC catchment area

b. Attend local networking meetings

c. Active promotion of collaborative relationship and

d. Establish working level processes

4. Volunteer Management and Development

a. Work with community stakeholders, in particular the partner church representative to coordinate volunteering efforts

b. Develop a process of volunteer screening, volunteer development and sustainability.

5. Administration

a. Work with the administrative manager to implement administrative processes and ensure compliance to Finance and Human Resource Policies

b. Preparation and submission of data to MOH, AIC and other funders

c. Ensure proper input of data into the internal electronic records system

d. Prompt rectification of non-compliance of any financial, HR and data protection protocols.

Job Requirements
  1. Any good degree, healthcare or social work preferred

  2. At least 3 years work experience in the eldercare/ social services sector

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