Data Statistician - Research, Innovation & Training Academy at Methodist Welfare Services Hide Job Information

Job FunctionResearch & Innovation
Reference NumberMWS/86
Advertisedone year ago
Experience Required2 to 5 years
Minimum QualificationDegree
Job description

The data statistician reports to the Director of Research, Innovation and Training Academy [RITA]. You will be responsible for the data gathering, compilation, conduct statistical research, data analysis to support MWS’s statistical requirements and to design dashboard indicators for reporting.

  • Helm the core work in data compilation and analysis for research, innovation and training
  • Provide briefings to key MWS staff on standardizing the day-to-day administration and management of data
  • Work alongside with the RITA research team by using data information to surface trends, archetypes, research trajectory and to support operational processes, service delivery, programme evaluation and policy formulation
  • Visualize data and present findings to the MWS Staff/Management for informed practices and service delivery
Job Requirements

The shortlisted candidate must have the following skills and proven abilities but not limited to the listed competencies below to perform this role:

  • Degree in Mathematics and/or Statistics
  • At least 2 years of related work experience in the social and/or health sector
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills with the ability to apply relevant statistical and analytical tools
  • Work independently on statistics (e.g. regression, modelling, forecasting) and to manage projects with substantial quantitative content (e.g. design and implement data standards, data lexicon, data extraction, data sets preparation, data management and data protection)
  • Competency to visualise data for reporting and to align data intelligence to meet corporate goals
  • Excellent communication skills and good command of spoken and written English to execute statistical reporting/presentation
  • Good team player with strong organizational skills and ability to think proactively and prioritize work in great details
  • Proficiency in MS Office with aptitude to learn new software and systems

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