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Job FunctionAllied Health
Reference NumberMWS/65
Advertisedone year ago
Experience Required1 to 3 years
Minimum QualificationNA
Job description

To support the mission of MWS Senior Activity Centres through the implementation of activities and programmes that would build the seniors’ self-help capacity Assist the manager of the SAC to

1. Implement activities and wellness programmes that focuses on building the elderly’s self-help capacity including

i. Manage and promote the use of gym equipment by seniors under the guidance of the MWS Allied Health Department

ii. Perform baseline physical assessments and regular reviews to monitor the seniors’ compliance to exercise programmes

iii. Conduct group exercise sessions

iv. Conduct regular screenings sessions

v. Maintenance of exercise and gym equipment, scheduling regular servicing and cleaning

2. Administrative Duties

i. Maintain register of seniors who participate in exercise programmes

ii. Maintain data for submission

iii. Assist in money collection, issue receipts, maintenance of petty cash and requisition of centre supplies

Job Requirements
  • Minimum 'O' Level holder or ITE diploma holder
  • Any relevant diploma eg sports therapy, therapist aide

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