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Job FunctionAdmin
Reference NumberMWS/246
Advertised4 months ago
Experience Required5 to 8 years
Minimum QualificationDegree
Job description

Job purpose

• Oversee the management of all 3 MWS Nursing Homes and its associated services (e.g. rehabilitation, senior care centre, etc.) so that it is in alignment with MWS vision and strategic plans at the organization level, and that the services maintain its licensing requirements by the regulators (e.g. MOH)

• Develop and implement plans as approved by Group Director and in collaboration with all key stakeholders

• Manage and deploy financial and non-financial resources to achieve strategic and functional goals and objectives of the Nursing Homes

• Establish, monitor and evaluate ongoing plans and progress for improvements in policies, processes and systems of the Nursing Homes

Duties and responsibilities

• Operationalize the strategic plans for the Nursing Homes in alignment to the organization’s philosophy, goals and objectives in accordance with the legal, ethical practices and corporate governance policies.

• Ensure high standards of care across all the Nursing Homes and implement appropriate changes with the best use of resources that bring about person-centred care for the residents.

• Develop effective and efficient workflow and processes / procedures to ensure the smooth running of the Nursing Homes (and Senior Care Centre) to align and implement Corporate’s policies.

• Plan the annual work plan for Nursing Home (and Senior Care Centre), and coordinate with the relevant departments / teams to execute the plans.

• Plan budget for operations and monitor the expenditure.

• Ensure compliance with workplace safety and health practices in accordance with regulatory requirements.

• Analyse, manage and present all management reports to the various stakeholders.

• Build and manage work relationships within the Nursing Homes and with all stakeholders.

• Keep abreast with current development, trends and implications from legal governmental and industry changes that may impact on the operations.

• Work closely with all the various stakeholders in any ad hoc assignments or projects together with Corporate Services.

• Any other responsibilities/duties assigned by Group Director - Healthcare Services

Job Requirements


• Degree or Post Graduate Degree in a relevant professional field from an accredited institution

• At least 8 years’ of relevant experience in the healthcare or eldercare sector

• At least 5 years’ of relevant experience in a management position

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